Richard Stubbs - Bideford Osteopath

Richard Stubbs is a Registered Osteopath having qualified from theRichard Stubbs Osteopath in Bideford

British School of Osteopathy in the 1980's.

Richard has worked 30+ years and for the majority of that time has been working out of his Practice in Marble Arch in Central London also working from his home in Newbury Berkshire.

Richard's aim is to build and establish a working base in Bideford and enjoy some time playing a little golf.

During his career as an osteopath he has been able developed some specialist treatment and unique strategies for certain conditions.

Richard prides myself in being extremely effective in dealing with neck and upper back conditions and syndromes, this has largely developed as a result of the need to help and treat many people that work with and on computers and laptops (This group includes the following common injuries, Computer Neck, RSI, Computer gaming injuries, Brachial Neuritis, Acute Torticollis, whiplash injuries, headaches, migraines and a variety of upper back and cervical postural problems).

Over the years Richard has developed and continues to develop ongoing strategies to improve the overall treatment process for the whole spine including the lower back and for that matter any joint in the body, this will also include advice and if relevant exercise programs that are customised and highly focused to the individuals needs.

Richard's other interest as mentioned earlier is golf which He has enjoyed for many years during which he has been able to apply his in depth anatomical knowledge and combining that with the physiological knowledge has been able to understand help and explain to golfers both amateur and professional why and how their condition has developed and in turn how it can be resolved. In most cases it is a simple identification of the problem sequence and then treatment or
a series of highly specific exercises will usually resolve the problem, again in most cases it is not the golf that has caused the problem but golf will aggravate any pre existing problem. It always upsets me to hear that someone has given up golf because "Golf is causing my back pain" this is invariably not the case.

GOCIn any given case treatment is obviously important but my overriding mantra is that patients have also got to be given a full and easy to follow understanding as to how, why and when their condition has developed and therefore have a better understanding as to what they can and can't do, this will greatly reduce the chances of a relapse in the future. Sadly, all to often once a spinal problem occurs it has a tendency for it to reoccur so being forearmed and prepared with some basic self help advice, this combined with early intervention with Osteopathy will increase the effectiveness of the treatment resulting in an early resolution of the problem.

If you are reading this it is likely you are suffering so let me reassure you that most spinal issues can be effectively dealt with careful management and advice and even very painful conditions can achieve marked reduction of symptoms on your first visit.

So in summary, if you need to have treatment I will gladly welcome you to my clinic at the Therapy Rooms in Mill Street in Bideford and will endeavour and stride to do the very best I can for you and will ensure you have all the knowledge you need.



Don't wait for your symptoms to get worse, give Richard a call today and discuss your recovery imediately.